To foster an age of holistic consciousness in order to be in deep harmony with life and nature.

Enable skilled navigators to trust their inner compass to foster sustainable change in their communities.


We live in a world of unparalleled opportunity — the opportunity to step into new spaces and to sense and actualize the future that many people feel is wanting to emerge — even though it is unclear how, and even though we live in a world of disruption, drama, and despair. All of these are real.
We need to dare and navigate the unknown, and learn from the future.

At Ompio Campus we provide a learning field in a very supportive environment: At the southern slopes of the Alps, around Lago d’Orta, the energy of the places in nature and the infrastructure that accommodates Ompio Campus, support action into the human potential.
Action confidence” is not just a subjective state of mind, disconnected from what happens around me. It’s related to a quality of relationship between system and self.

The OMPIO LAB focuses on this intersubjective quality of resonance, between the objective/cognitive and the subjective/feeling realm, between knowing, and experiment.
For this experimental path of learning we provide a holding space, that turns into a multi-month’s capacity building journey.
In various programs over periods of one month, to one year, we uncover skills, find our inner compass, learn with and from each other, discover the global interconnectedness, in a generative social field, within a community of open-hearted people in dialogue and transformation.
When we activate the social field – we support people to develop trust in acting from a place of humility, vulnerability, and surrendering to what wants to emerge.
In this environment of trust – the uncharted territory can be navigated, and new paths emerge.

The OMPIO LAB provides skilled support for your own navigation through transformation, and to develop the inner compass, enabling you to take your skills into your local community, and connect on a global level.


As Otto Scharmer puts it: “The challenge is there. But the capacity — that is: the transformation literacy — is lacking.”
See his article on “Twelve Principles for Reinventing the 21st Century University”,  where he “invites us to reconceive the 21st-century university as a unity of research, teaching, and the praxis of transforming society and self.”

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