Ompio Campus is space created by, and for, a community of like-minded individuals. Situated in the rolling hills of Northern Italy, it was born out of an understanding that together we can harness limitless potential from that which is available around us. We acknowledge the interconnectedness of all life and the elements that support that life. We encourage discussion about our place in life’s cycle; whether this be in mind, body or soul. In a time of increasing concerns over consumption of resources, Prato Paradiso sees an opportunity for the metamorphosis of ecology and sustainability. We aim to increase awareness through education, re-discover established techniques and re-acquaint ourselves with our earth. This can only be achieved through unity and seizing upon the knowledge of all. We value the nurturing of individual and collective abilities to encourage progression.

Ompio Campus was conceptualized by a group of international philanthropists, spiritual leaders, and earth lovers who wanted to create a community which would enshrine all of their combined values. It is intended as a place for community, growth, learning, connecting with the earth, rediscovering the self, exploring responsibility, unearthing the connection between all life and how to approach that life in an empathetic way.

We believe in empathy with all life, but in order to be empathetic with our earth, we must first recognize the intangible connections between ourself and it, both in a physical and spiritual sense. We aim to explore the physical and metaphysical through education, various practices, undertaking permaculture, providing sustainable accommodation and connecting with, and learning from, a global community of like-minded souls who can enrich or be enriched by this project. Prato Paradiso is fortunate enough to be located in an area of intense energy. These energies drive us towards the right path. Prato Paradiso aims to take the knowledge of our ancestors, these energies and the knowledge of our community, and carry it into action. We want all those involved in this project, all those who partake in its hospitality or all who are merely interested by it to contribute to the collective vision; that we feel at home with mother earth, accept her bounty, give thanks for it and ensure that it remains bountiful for the future of all.