A Vision for Humanity


A Flowering Integral Learning Field


We are all here to contribute our gifts towards something greater than ourselves, and will never be content unless we are

Charles Eisenstein


Sustainability, biodiversity, Science, cosmology, learning from nature, eco village

Integral Learning

self-determined, creative, research, social, in cooperation

Events, Gatherings

impact plus events, learning & celebrate, connecting, cultures

Agricultural Activities

traditional, techniques, old plants, multiple gardens, research

Global Network

local community, global activities, international, network, cooperation

Nature Impact Hub

empowering, creativity, productive output, recreation area




Our foot print is ecological and in tune with the latest research.


Our basic principles reflect the global responsibility.


We lead a life which enables further generation to prosper.


The connection with the soil teaches us awareness.


Ethnical, social, biological, cultural diversity are the source for recreating life again and again.


Living together in different housing setups and different generations together inspires the cultural life and learning process.

  • to study
  • to learn deeply
  • to empower yourself
  • to heal individual and  collective traumas
  • to co-operate
  • to deepen your understanding of existence
  • to experiment with your creativity
  • to research together
  • to fulfill your dream
  • to go beyond
  • to become who you really are
  • to feel liberated
  • to increase your professional competence
  • to train your personal gifts to excellence

We are carried by a Swiss non-profit-oriented company…

  • We are organized in a decentralized federalist way of self-responsible units.
  • The units work together self-determined entrepreneurship.
  • Young people from all over the world develop competence and interact with experience.
  • We aim to bring ethical principles alive.
  • one hour in the north of Milan
  • one hour from Switzerland
  • one hour from the biggest Milan airport
  • reachable by train
  • close to highway access
  • hiking possibilities of all kind
  • silence spots in nature
  • swimming in lakes and waterfalls
  • with the charm of the south alps